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Take advantage of the Honda Service Center for the best results

The Honda Service Center is a service provided to consumers. Taking care of the vehicle in the service center, the quality that will be achieved must be very high. This is because the official workshop has the same standards as the factory. Honda itself is one of the largest automakers in the world.

In Indonesia itself, Honda is one of the most popular car manufacturers. In addition, its quality is also indisputable. The vehicles he issued were notoriously economical. The model also looks contemporary. This is the main reason why the demand for this brand continues to grow.

If you are one of the users, make sure you take good care of the vehicle. If it is not properly maintained, the comfort of use of the vehicle will certainly decrease. To take care of it, the easiest way is to go to the Honda service center. There are several advantages of the service.

Benefits of Using Service Center Services

The service center is an official workshop that users can use. Due to its official nature, various benefits certainly have it. The first advantage lies in the mechanics that will work. Unlike ordinary workshops, mechanics in official workshops have undergone extensive training.

Almost all of its mechanics are licensed. In fact, customers can ask about the mechanic’s license. When it is common to use Honda service centers, customers will certainly find mechanics whose quality is considered the best. Then consumers can choose the mechanic to work on their vehicle.

But if the mechanic is working, the customer must wait in advance for the mechanic to finish the job. This obviously means that the results obtained can be as desired. Another advantage is spare parts. In the automotive world, there are the terms ori and local spare parts.

The meaning of the local spare parts themselves is a product that is not manufactured by an official workshop. If such a product is used on a vehicle, the quality obtained can be disappointing. When it comes to Honda service centers, these possibilities are completely absent. This is because, all spare parts are guaranteed ori.

The official workshop must cooperate directly with the factory. Through this cooperation, the supply of official spare parts will continue to be obtained. However, some people prefer to use local spare parts instead of ori. This happens because local spare parts usually have the cheapest price.

Despite this, it is highly recommended to always choose ori spare parts. This is because the quality of ori and local spare parts is very far away. On the other hand, the price is not far from each other. It would be more appropriate to spend a little more money but get the best quality product.

Its comfort is much higher than that of a regular workshop

There are many other benefits that will be obtained when using the Honda Service Center. Another advantage lies in the convenience of customers. When it comes to a regular repair shop, consumers have to wait until their vehicles have finished correcting. For serious problems, the waiting time will be longer.

The problem is that ordinary workshops do not provide a comfortable waiting room. In fact, the waiting room is often made superficial and does not even exist at all. It will be uncomfortable if you have to stand until the vehicle has finished correcting. Different things will be felt if you choose an official workshop.

During the official workshop, the waiting room is set up to the best of its ability. With it, the convenience of the consumer is indisputable. A long time will not be a problem if maintenance is performed at the Honda Service Center. Another convenience will also be felt due to the existence of a full service history.

When performing a service in an authorized workshop, the technician’s activity is not only to repair the damage until it returns to normal. The technician will record the most recent condition of the corrected vehicle. The history will continue to be updated as long as the consumer makes repairs at the authorized store.

With this history, the technician will know the previous problems encountered by the vehicle. This makes continuous improvements possible. Another advantage when using a Honda service center will be felt in the existence of promotions. When using its services, the prices provided are not always the same.

On special days, there will usually be promotions. Even the promos are very big. In addition to promotions, a guarantee is also provided. The existence of a guarantee makes consumers calmer in case of subsequent damage. With it, damages that occur after service can be claimed until the condition returns to normal.

There is a quick maintenance program for users

When using the services of the honda service center, some users often complain about the fullness of the place. This problem is common on public holidays. Indeed, this time is often used by consumers to carry out the maintenance of their vehicles. To avoid a queue that is too long, the quick maintenance function can be selected.

This is an online booking feature that means that the vehicle will be served immediately upon arrival. This makes the queuing process unnecessary. To order it, call the number of the service center nearest you. In addition to not queuing, at first there will be an agreement on the processing time.

From the agreement, the vehicle will be completed on time so that you can calculate the estimated time for the completion of the vehicle. In addition, there are additional mechanisms to serve the quick maintenance function. At the service of consumers who use this feature, 2 mechanisms will be deployed at a time.

This makes the work relatively faster. In addition, both mechanics are already highly qualified so that the results of their work do not need to be questioned. However, several conditions must be met by consumers if they want to use quick maintenance services. This service is dedicated solely to periodic maintenance.

Its own periodic maintenance is devoted in the range of 10 thousand to 100 thousand km. Periodic maintenance is different from repair. During periodic maintenance, the vehicle is not the subject of complaints. It’s just that the vehicle wants to be maintained in quality so that it stays at the highest level. There are conditions on the vehicle to be registered.

The age of these vehicles should not exceed 10 years. Essentially, registered vehicles must be released in 2010 and beyond. Also, be sure to take the time when the service is performed. Indeed, this service forces consumers to wait in the workshop during the service process.

Contact the call centre to submit a complaint

The Honda Service Center isn’t just about manufacturing. When you have a complaint, you can forward it to management. There is a call center provided specifically to respond to these complaints. The call center itself is located at 0800-1446-632. The call center is idle 24 hours a day.

The number will only be active during business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition to the call center, you can also complain about complaints on the official website. In fact, the call center itself isn’t just meant to deal with consumer complaints.

Its existence is also to help perceived confusion. If there is information about an official workshop that is not clear, contacting the call center is the best choice. this is because the call center is the party that knows the most about the official workshop. That said, the answer given must be very satisfactory.

Be sure to use the service center when you have complaints. This will make the complaint perfectly resolved. Problems such as complaints that still exist after the process is completed will never be felt. After all, every city in Indonesia already has its own Honda service center.

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